Ortega Park Sign

Ortega Park Neighborhood Association (OPNA)

Our Values OPNA’s general purpose and goals are to promote family values, education and development of Ortega Park and our neighborhood. OPNA communicates via Yahoo Group to our register members. A place to share information about community events, neighborhood news, pass along good ideals, volunteering to help our local school, neighbors, etc. and most of all, to get to know your neighbors. OPNA will also be a liaison to the City of Sunnyvale.

OPNA was brainstormed on January 30, 2005 by 12 residents in our area. OPNA's official papers were filed and approved through City of Sunnyvale in March of 2005. OPNA is a recent addition to our community.

Teamwork: It is about working together and sharing our interests in the community.


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